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Welcome to ABATE of Ohio, Region 7!

ABATE of Ohio, Inc. (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the rights, improving the image, and promoting the safe operating practices of Ohio motorcyclists.

Other goals of ABATE of Ohio, Inc., include events for members, fund raising for charities, and ABATE. We gather and disseminate information pertinent to the promotion of motorcycling and the lifes style of motorcycling. 
We monitor legislative activity in regard to laws affecting motorcyclists, especially those designed to restrict our freedom of choice.

We mount vigorous campaigns for motorcycle education and related safety programs.

We are involved in political awareness, encouraging members to register and vote, and to become more politically active.

Region 7 encompasses the counties of Erie, Huron, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca and Wood.



ABATE of Ohio, Inc., is open to all persons 18 years and older having an interest in preserving personal freedoms and sharing our goals. Owning a motorcycle is not necessary. There are many benefits to becoming a member.

Statement of Position ....and activity to promote that postition:
ABATE is a freedom of choice organization, dedicated to the premise that the individual is best suited to decide the type of motorcycle to ride, type of safety gear worn ... and personal life-style.

The primary objective of ABATE is to monitor motorcycle related legislation and encourage all members to become politically involved ... so as to effect positive legislation and deter that of a negative nature.

Through public forums, writing letters and meeting elected representatives, ABATE members have the opportunity to speak to their side of the issues, and educate government leaders about the needs and desires of Ohio Motorcyclists.

The Legislative director and regional coordinators help facilitate these efforts and, when necessary, provide a communication link between the group and elected officials.

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Region 7 Members Going Above and Beyond

At the ABATE Seminar held at Crown Plaza in Columbus this year, the hard work and efforts of two of our members, Viv Adams and Jim Sprague, were recognized.

Viv received the MVP Award for Region 7. The members of our region who attended the Christmas Party selected her in appreciation for all she has done for us and the organization.

The "Goofy Award" was presented to Jim. This award represents someone who has been a dear friend, a mentor and someone who embodies the cause in actions and pursuits.

Viv was chosen for the "Martin Meister Award." Any ABATE member can be chosen for this award; they do not have to be an officer. It is given to the person who goes above and beyond the efforts at our events. That person is there working prior, during and after an event...and is there for many events (rain or shine).

A Big Thank You and Congratulations goes out to Viv and Jim for making Region 7 PROUD!