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                                     July 2014

          July has been a great month to ride. Hope everyone is out enjoying it!

From the Legislative Page
(7-5-14) I reported on a section of the Grow America Act that gave the Secretary of Transportation, or their designee, the ability to negotiate with state governments and their legislators in matters pertaining to helmet use. The bill number on this legislation is H.R. 4745. This bill was amended on June 9, 2014 striking the language pertaining to helmet use. We, the motorcycling community of the U.S.A., did it! We convinced our federal government (again) that mandatory helmet use was an issue best decided at the state level. To those of you that made contact with a government official on this issue, THANK YOU !!!!...........Go to Abate .com to read more.


           2015 meetings & Events will be scheduled at the Aug. Meeting. Try to make it.










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Text Box: Aug. meeting 8/3/14
	Sammy Sues BBQ 
             237 W. Front St.
	Dover , Ohio

    Tim Cordray


    (740) - 269-1213







Text Box: All Meetings start at 1:00
Text Box: Sept. meeting 9/7/14
	Tow Path Cabin
	4462 Erie Ave. NW
	Massillion, Ohio

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Text Box: Oct. meeting 10/5/14
	Carrollton Eagles
	1072 Brenner Rd NE
	Carrollton, Ohio
Text Box: Nov meeting 11/2/14
	5495 N. Wooster Ave.
	Dover, Ohio
       Nomination Meeting !!!!