Text Box: Abate Of OHIO INC.
          Region 8

                                   August 2014

          August is going to be a fun filled riding month if the rain can just ease up a little. July went out pretty chilly….

Have to do some bragging, Region 8 has the top membership getter in the State. Congratulations Tina Levengood—Awesome Job !









2015 meetings & Events will be scheduled at the Aug. Meeting. Try to make it.










Text Box: Welcome To
Text Box: Aug. meeting 8/3/14
	Sammy Sues BBQ 
             237 W. Front St.
	Dover , Ohio

    Tim Cordray


    (740) - 269-1213







Text Box: All Meetings start at 1:00
Text Box: Sept. meeting 9/7/14
	Tow Path Cabin
	4462 Erie Ave. NW
	Massillion, Ohio

Comments, Concerns, Corrections—Feel free to contact me at jimandrose@hughes.net  - Thanks Rose

                A: American

                B: Bikers

                A: Aimed

                T: Towards

                E: Education



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Text Box: Oct. meeting 10/5/14
	Carrollton Eagles
	1072 Brenner Rd NE
	Carrollton, Ohio
Text Box: Nov meeting 11/2/14
	5495 N. Wooster Ave.
	Dover, Ohio
       Nomination Meeting !!!!