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          Region 8


     Just wanted to remind everybody that the Region 8 meeting is Sunday 2/7 at The Sunnyside 5495 N. Wooster Ave. in Dover Ohio.


Mark your Calendars for 3/12 for the Spring Fling at Miller’s Tavern in Massillion Ohio          












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    Tim Cordray


    (740) - 269-1213







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Comments, Concerns, Corrections—Feel free to contact me at jimandrose@hughes.net  - Thanks Rose

                A: American

                B: Bikers

                A: Aimed

                T: Towards

                E: Education



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Meeting : Feb. 7th


5495 N. Wooster Ave NW

Dover, Ohio 44622

Meeting : March 6th

West End Tavern

Citrus Rd.

Malvern, Ohio 44644       

Meeting : April 3rd

Jim’s Bar

101 West Main St.

Beach City, Ohio 44612