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Event Photos
Trumbull/Mahoning County
Zip it Up Run 2015
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Region Zero
Benifit Dice Run
for Veterns Outreach 2015
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Trumbull/Mahoning County
Zip it Up Run 2009
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Trumbull/Mahoning County
Zip it Up Run 2006
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Awareness Rally 2010
Motorcycle Events
Upcoming "Zero" area Meetings
Bring your Friends !!!
Region Zero Board Meeting.
VFW Post #3332
433 Arlington Blvd, Newton Falls, OH 44444
Saturday, May 21, 2016 at ?:00 A.M.


Trumbull & Mahoning County Meeting
VFW Post #3332
433 Arlington Blvd, Newton Falls, OH 44444
Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 6:30pm


2015 Region Zero Director
Barb Tittle

2015 Deputy Director A (N.E. Ohio)

State Chairman of the Board
Jim Elgin

State Executive Director
Ed Schetter


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Upcoming "Zero" area Events
Bring your Friends !!!
2015 Mahoning Valley Events Calendar   By MVMEC
contact "Stubby" at 330-718-7222 for more information.
Event Meeting for 2016 will be:
Sunday, February 14, 2016, 1:00pm
Army/Navy Garrison #224
418 Mason St., Niles, Ohio 44446
Bing Map

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Not "Just" Another Damn Run
Saturday, June 11, 2016
Bristol Inn
Corner of St. Rt. 45 & St. Rt. 88, Bristolville, Ohio
Bing Map

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13th District Congressman

Tim Ryan

33rd Senate District

Joe Schiavoni

32nd Senate District

Capri Cafaro

59th District State Representative

Ronald V. Gerberry


   Another year, another extreme losing season for the Browns, and unfortunately also for ABATE. The Browns won 3 and lost 12. ABATE added some members, but had a net loss of over 300, approximately 15%. Neither the Browns nor ABATE can keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Some months ago I asked our Exec. Director how many members we need to break even on expenses. The answer was about 2000. We are well below that number. One wonders how long we can keep that up. Bringing in new members is certainly vital, but if we just keep spending that money to no positive effect, to just try to keep even, then what good is that? When I interviewed many of our hard working Regn Zero members, who support every Regn Zero event with money and volunteer work, they said that they joined to "support the cause" - to educate others about the needs of the growing motorcycle riding community. Although the number of registered motorcyclists in Ohio keeps growing, the number of ABATE members keeps declining. We cannot just keep trying to bring in new members to support events which are not adding to the net membership AND not carrying out our basic mission.

    In Region Zero we have seen that the primary thrust of ABATE has not been going toward promoting the safety of MC riders vs. the driving public or promoting protection of MC rights & issues.

   I realize and thoroughly understand that, for many long years , our efforts to promote the Right of Way issue butted up against a strong lobby from police and prosecutors' groups. However, other issues have been avoided in order to keep a low profile to keep someone in Congress from bringing up helmets. We did not defeat the helmet issue by keeping quiet. We need to raise our profile. With the membership decreasing so significantly, I have to believe that it is, at least in part, because we are not promotong issues important to MC riders. It is one thing to say that you can get a free will (IF our sponsoring attorney comes to the spring seminar) or we can call that same attorney's number to report pot holes, but that is not why people join ABATE.

   In Region Zero we plan to work on reducing member loss and building it, but not just to spend money on non-issues, such as more events which make little or no profit;I do NOT refer to charity events sponsored throughout the State. Instead we need to get acquainted with more of our Congress people throughout the State and help them to understand our core mission. This is one of my personal goals which I will be working toward in 2016, on my own dime and NOT at the expense of ABATE. It is important and if you have any thoughts for me, please do not hesitate to contact me at 330-677-1845 or . Thanks Let's look forward to a more prosperous 2016.

   Barb Tittle, R-Zero Director.

Updates on Dan Morgan Jr.
Son of Dan Morgan Sr., Former State & Region Zero Sgt. @ Arms
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Rest In Peace
Reggie R.I.P.
"Reggie" Burton
June 24, 1965       January 7, 2013
Charter Member of ABATE of Ohio, Inc., Region Zero.
Former Region Zero Secratary

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