Shootin' the Breeze

by "Bummer"

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August 2006

    My son Jason and I just got back from June Jam 06. We both had a GREAT time! It reminded me of the old days when we had ‘em at Belfountaine. The people at the American Legion in Hopedale really have a fantastic facility and everything from the lay out of the spacious grounds to the overall “old time biker party” feelings of the event certainly seemed to satisfy everyone.

    I’m ashamed to say that this is the first time I’ve seen the Motorcyclist’s Memorial maintained by the good people of the MMF with the help and support of the American Legion. It sits on a shady hill surrounded by manicured landscaping. As you walk the brick pathway up to and surrounding it, you might see the names of friends lost inscribed into the bricks, and as you pause to look down at them you’re struck by the peacefulness of the surroundings. As you view the inscriptions on the memorial itself ya can’t help but appreciate the thoughtfulness and consideration that went into the planning of it all.

    Moose from E. Liverpool had a great site ready for us overlooking the stage and once we got the obligatory rain showers out of the way on Friday afternoon the weekend weather was perfect. I’ve always believed that when life hands ya lemons, ya just make lemonade and there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a party full of wet T-shirts, so even Friday wasn’t a bad day! Friday evening we cruised around greeting people and went back to our camp to watch the Battle of the Bands.

    Saturday morning broke clear and warm, and as we crawled out of our tents I knew the festivities had begun when my friend Kim told me that the night before her old man Curly’s groggy last words to her as they snuggled into their bed was, “Good night Rick.” I promise I will NEVER let him forget that! [Note: Rick Deeter is the name of our funky old regional director….Makes one wonder what the Hell THAT was all about Curly?].

    Throughout the day more than a few people asked me if Pappy made it there. The “Home” is ok with letting him out every now and then for an overnighter, but even I agreed that a whole weekend of fun might be a bit too much. He didn’t mind ‘cause he said he had a date anyway. And I wonder what the Hell’s up with that! I can’t get a date with anyone but my son…..But that old f$%k has the ladies eatin’ outta his hand! That’s just plain WRONG!! [Note the anger and envy].

    I saw a few old friends there that I haven’t seen for years, like Roger Dodger and my old buddy Red. I was lookin’ for my friend Diek to show, but apparently he couldn’t make it. Everywhere I looked I saw Diz and De, two of the finest folks I know, and other great people from Region One. The rightful pride that Region One has in this location shows, and they made everyone feel right at home. I was told that I should mention that even a certain “Prissy Biker Chick” seemed to have a blast! And even the bands were top notch….Gypzy Roze and Sonny Mooreman blew us all away Saturday night and the Battle of the Bands on Friday had the hills of Hopedale shakin’.

    All in all I don’t think anyone could have asked for a better weekend full of old friends and great times. I even met a lot of NEW friends, particularly Tony and Linda Diaz from Michigan. They came down with a pile of people. These two motorcycle ridin’ crazies belong to MROs from five different states and are VERY active officers in ABATE of Michigan. Tony even inducted me into the Moron Tabernacle Choir as we sat around the campfire late Saturday night singin’ and playin’ geetars. He even gave me an official membership badge. At last I can literally PROVE that I’m a moron, instead of just letting everyone assume it.

    I can’t stress enough how great it was to have gone to the Jam. I couldn’t go the last few years and I missed it a lot. What better location for such a biker event than one that has the only [as far as I know] memorial dedicated to bikers of all creeds. That alone makes it worth the trip, but these grounds suit the Jam perfectly. Next year y’all should make plans on making it if ya can.

    For those of you who are interested in cruisin’ to another “Bummer Endorsed” weekend, we here in Region Zero are cooperating with another great event at a location called Buffalo Hollow August 11th, 12th and 13th featuring national recording artists Donnie Iris and the Cruisers, Rick Magee and the Roadhouse Rockers, The Hern Brothers and a few other great local bands. Hopefully you’ll get this in time. I shoulda had this in my column last month, but I’m a moron [now I have an excuse fer just ‘bout everything!]. Admission is available for just Saturday, the night of Donnie Iris if ya like.

    It’s gonna be almost on the Pennsylvania border near a little Ohio town called E. Palestine, East of Salem and South of Youngstown. Call me, Bummer, for directions etc. at 330 872 1198 or look it up on the web at

    Well, I gotta git outta here and empty the coolers, put stuff away and try to see if I can find my favorite hairbrush. Ain’t seen it since Friday night.


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