Shootin' the Breeze

by "Bummer"

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October 2007

    The other day I was watching a news program about illegal aliens and I couldn’t help but once again wonder about the OTHER problem we have with the REALLY illegal aliens that nobody ever talks about. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Those Who Walk Among Us’.

    Though it’s rarely talked about, most of us know that these invaders from afar have been on this planet for ages. They’ve infiltrated every aspect of our society, from that guy who washes your windshield in the big city without being asked and demands pay for it [he doesn’t really want the money, he just wants an excuse to look inside your car], to that guy in your hometown bar who always seems to have a beer in front of him but doesn’t seem to have a job to pay for it [they never say anything, they just sit and watch what’s goin’ on]. Often these “Bar Aliens” employ devises they hide in their pockets that alter the gravitational force of a room, which in turn causes some of us normal, ‘real’ humans to suddenly fall down or drop things. When this happens to you, all you have to do is look around for the person who smiles as he removes his hand from his pocket to know just who the alien is in that particular bar.

    Sometimes they knock on the door of your home well dressed and smiling, pretending they want to tell you about some kind of religious doctrine, when in reality they’re scoping out yer pad and YOU, to see if there’s anything about you that they can use to help them accomplish their goal of taking over our world and subjecting us all to slavery!

    Often these beings inhabit the bodies of people you know and love, from your children to your spouses. You might notice your kid suddenly shows this when he or she comes home from school one day and they’re entirely different from the child you lovingly nourished and raised. Do you really believe that red blooded American youths would just allow rock and roll to die and listen to that garbage they call music? Regarding these intimate imposters I had a wife once who was ‘taken over’. She would show her true colors often, suddenly switching back and forth from the woman I married to a creature that I couldn’t even communicate with.

    They assume the guises of public workers such as police officers. Didn’t you ever wonder why every cop that’s ever stopped you in traffic seems so robotic and cold hearted? These are military drones that have been trained to pounce on any opportunity to get your private information via your driver’s licenses. That’s what they’re doing when they take your identification back to their cruisers and radioing their mother ships. They’re adding your personal information to their data bases. You also might have noticed these so-called ‘Police’ sitting on the side of the road aiming their ray guns at the passing traffic to scan the occupants of vehicles.

    Often their confederates telephone you pretending that they are pre-recorded surveys or sales pitches, but in reality they’re actual beings. If you have ever asked these supposed recordings if they’re real people they usually ignore you and continue with their pitches. If they DO admit they’re real beings and you scream, “WHY ARE YOU HERE AND WHAT ARE YOU INTENDING FOR THIS PLANET?” it stops them cold and they either disconnect or show their frustration and ask you what you mean. Next time this happens ignore their denials and let them know that not EVERYBODY is so easily fooled by their grand design. Just be aware that this admission of awareness might put your life in jeopardy. I did this and was followed for weeks. For all I know they’re still watching my every move.

    Often times when you ride through a relatively large city you might notice that as the sun sets creatures appear on the sidewalks and in the alleys costumed in shabby coats and hats, some of them pushing shopping carts or carrying bags full of meaningless items. Sometimes they seem to be talking to themselves as they scurry about, but in truth they’re reporting to their superiors.

    The most horrendous part of their plan is what they’ve accomplished regarding our political system. In my estimate fully 95% of our senators and congressmen and women are in fact alien agents posing as legislators. These ‘people’ have no interest in serving the American public. That’s why they’ve done such poor jobs of it.

    I think it’s about time we take our planet back! Do your best to NOT co-operate with these alien intruders! Demand blood testing and DNA confirmation of all politicians and public workers. Have your spouses and children tested today! Tell everyone you see that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL MANIPULATION ANY LONGER!!


Founder of the American Brotherhood Alerting The Earth [The OTHER ABATE] PS…..Don’t worry people. I usually write a Halloween column that pulls yer legs. I’m not totally insane. There’s not any aliens out there. And to you aliens: LEAVE ME ALONE!

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