ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
(American Bikers Aimed Toward Education)

is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
preserving the rights, improving the image,
and promoting safe operating practices of
Ohio Motorcyclists.
ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
State Office
3999 Parkway Lane #11
Hilliard, Oh. 43026

Mail to: P.O. Box 1658, Hilliard, Oh. 43026
(local)  614-319-3644
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A full day of Rocking and Riding with
The ABATE of Ohio Foundation !!!!!

212 Freemont Ave.
Sandusky, Oh. 44870

At 9:00pm, Someone is gonna WIN....
a Brand New....
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Tickets STILL avalible the day of this show or contact any
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1176 Professional Dr.,
Perrysburg, Oh 43551

Annual Member Contest

  All members of ABATE take notice,

    Iím not sure if everyone knows of this contest; it goes like this. For every NEW member that you sign up as a member of ABATE and put your name as the Taken By on the form or napkin (Iíll take a membership on anything as long as I can read it and the information is there). I track all taken by applications resulting in the Renew column seen below. Unfortunately on the State level that does not count in this contest. Only NEW members count. The person who brings the most new members receives a free single membership. This yearís winner and runner up are shown below. This contest runs from June through May.

  New Renew
Joyce Kittel 15 1
Jim "Bushman" Sprague 11 5

Chris Winchester / Membership Secretary

From the Chairman of the Board page
Jim "SNAFU" Elgin
 (8-4-17)     August and we are in the heart of riding season here in the Great State of Ohio, Look Twice Save A Life, it might be your own. Looking back I was honored to be able to enjoy interacting with many of our Loyal Friends and Members having a good old time at the Region 8 Freedom Rally. At the Rally Friday afternoon a Monster Thunder Storm rolled in and pounded the grounds with a fierce 30 minute downpour and I witnessed an electric transformer being struck by lightning, what a light show, Amazing!..................( Read more....)
From the Executive Director page
Ed Schetter
  (8-4-17)     Nationwide only 3 percent of Americans belong to a freedom fighting organization (explains the 3% and III% logos people wear). This reminded me of how important a job we do here in ABATE. Only 1 out of 33 1/3 people (itís tough if youíre the 1/3 person) are willing to stand up and defend the rights and freedoms of all motorcyclists. ......................( Read more....)

From the Legislative Page
Kolman Fuzy
  (8-4-17)     One issue in Louisiana regarding "masked" motorcyclists being ticketed for wearing helmets that obscure their faces is being addressed by a bill that would exempt safety helmets. In Louisiana, it is illegal for anyone to cover their face with masks or hoods, except during Mardi Gras , Halloween or for religious reasons. In certain cases, "overzealous" law officers have been ticketing riders for wearing full face helmets that obscure their faces. Giving tickets for wearing a helmet that is required by Louisiana law is the height of absurdity and the legislation would correct this................ ( Read more )
From the Safety & Ed Page
Mike Stock
  (8-4-17)     We are half way through the riding season and itís time to look at the stats. In 2017 we have had 1400 crashes and 42 fatalities, and in 2016 we had 1834 crashes and 77 fatalities. If we stay on this track we could finish the year at letís say 100 fatalities. That would be ďHalfĒ of last year. Wouldnít that be great? Looking at the overall stats, Motorcyclists are a fault 55.9% of the time. Yes, over half of us do it to ourselves. What can we do to help this? Remember the things that we have learned over the years of riding. Donít take what we do for granted. ................... ( Read more )

Tired of sitting on your bike at Red Lights
that won't turn GREEN ????
    To enlist the help of Ohioís motorcyclists, ODOT set up a special phone number & E-mail for motorcyclists for reporting problem intersections.
    When reports come in, ODOT will notifiy signal owners ( often a city or county ) about the situation and offer recommendations for improvement.
Red Light Hotline
Red Light E-mail

Help Wanted:
E-Mail the State Office
call 1-800-252-4537 for details
State Products Director
E-mail the State Office or call 1-800-252-4537 for details
State Newsletter Crew Member
Should be experenced in Magazine Publishing and/or Microsoft Publisher software. E-mail the Outspokin' Editor for details
Web Crew Member
Work on ABATE.com and/or Regional web pages.   Should have F.T.P. and HTML experence.   E-mail the State Webmaster for details.


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